Quality Recommendations

To make sure you can enjoy your pieces in their optimal condition, ROGIER offers quality recommendations for preserving the quality all of your pieces. The following recommendations help you to wear, protect, care and store your beloved items in the best way possible.


Preserve the elegant look of your garments by taking special care when putting on your pieces. Do not pull on the garments with excessive force and avoid stressing stylines. Carefully put on jewelry and avoid friction between pieces when wearing additional items suchs a handbags or glasses. Do not spray any fragrance, bodyspray or any other cosmetic product directly onto your garments. Avoid exposure to sharp or any other potentially damaging surface.

Avoid prolonged exposure to sunglight, artificial light, humidity, heat and other causes that might damage your pieces. Avoid pieces with contrasting colors and different materials (e.g. fabric and leather) to come into direct contact with each other or to be washed together. Do not allow pieces to come into contact with sharp surfaces or objects.

Always follow the recommended cleaning instructions provided with each piece. When your piece gets stained, do not remove the stain yourself but instead bring your piece to a professional cleaning service. Be sure that check the quality of the cleaning service before cleaning your piece.

Store your ready-to-wear pieces in a cool and ventilated area without direct exposure to light. Avoid direct contact between pieces of contrasting colors or different materials when storing your items. If possible, use a cotton garment cover to store your pieces. Using mothballs should be avoided, but when they are used do not allow them to come in direct contact with your piece. Avoid folding pieces unnecessarily.

Special materials & garments

When storing knitwear, it is recommended to fold your garment instead of hanging it up. Folding knitwear helps to preserve the shape of the garment better and avoids overstretching.

Delicate fabrics such as wool, silk and cashmere require special care. Each piece requires extra attention for cleaning and storing.

Jeans and leather require special care instructions.


To preserve the look and feel of your handbag, avoid overfilling, prolonged exposure to sunlight and humid contiditions. Minimize the risk of color bleeding onto leather or garments and avoid contact between light and dark colors. Avoid placing heavy items in your bag. Handle and wear your handbag with love.


Avoid exposure to light, water, heat and humidity. Store your bag upright in the original pouch when the handbag is not in use. Handle your handbag gently and with care. Avoid any sharp object or surface.


Use a soft, clean cloth and rub gently in a circular motion. Always use non-pilling cloth (e.g. microfiber) when cleaning your handbag and treat your handbag gently to avoid any marks on the surface. Avoid the use of care products that may damage your bag.

Wrap any chains, straps or metal parts with tissue paper or protective covers. Store your handbag upright in the original pouch. Avoid stacking pieces and make sure they have enough space to air. Store components together to decrease the risk of losing them.

When your handbag is decorated with elegant trims, embroidery, sequins or jewelry, be extra careful when handling your piece. Avoid contact between these parts of the handbag and other objects or surfaces.

ROGIER handbags are crafted from the finest leather. Store leather pieces away from sunlight, moist and heat. Avoid creasing, touching other surfaces, sharp objects and chemicals.

Vegan leather is designed to have similar characteristics as animal-based leather. Apply the same delicate care to both your animal-based leather and vegan leather pieces.

ROGIER Couture

Couture garments are to be handled with extra care. Each couture piece comes with dedicated care instructions for that specific design. When you purchase a couture item, your Personal Advisor will provide you with all the necessary information for taking care of your piece.