Shipping policy

Shipping cost

Shipping and returns are free for all orders over 75 EUR. When your order is lower than this limit, the cost will depend on the dimensions and weight of the order. These cost will be calculated during checkout.


Delivery time

Depending on the delivery address, the expected delivery time varies between 2–6 working days. For customized products (if applicable), the shipping time might differ from the expected delivery time. Please note that the expected delivery time is estimated based on the time your order is shipped, not when the order is placed. 


Shipping options

Please note that the selected carrier or carriers depends on the geographic location of the shipping address. Once your order has been delivered to the carrier, you will receive an email with all delivery details. ROGIER is not responsible for any unexpected changes or unanticipated delays to the delivery beyond our control.

Location Carriers* Estimated delivery time
Europe PostNL, DHL  2–4 workdays
Rest of the world DHL, UPS, FedEx, UPS 4–14 workdays

 *The selected shipping service and delivery time can differ per order and we can also select a shipping service other than those mentioned above.


Shipping address

At the moment, we can only ship to one address per order. Please place multiple orders if you want to ship to multiple locations. Please note that once you place an order, the shipping address cannot be changed. We cannot guarantee the arrival of the shipment to the customer if an erroneous address is given. It is the responsibility of the buyer to provide the correct shipping information. Loss, damages, theft, or any issues due to providence of incorrect information are not refunded by us, nor are we responsible in any way. 


Delivery date and time

You cannot choose your own delivery date and time on our website. Depending on the postal service used, you might be able to arrange a possible delivery date and time period with the postal service. We do not control this process, and all such activities are to be arranged with the corresponding postal service. We are not responsible for changes in the delivery process in any way. 


Track your order

Once your order is shipped, you will receive a confirmation email which will include a track & trace link through the carrier. 


Sign upon delivery

For security reasons, each delivery requires an adult signature upon delivery. 


Holidays and weekends

Please keep in mind that the delivery time might be different for holidays and weekends. 


What to do when your order has not been delivered

If your order is not delivered within the expected delivery period, please:

  1. Check the order status. Every order gets a track & trace so you can follow the shipping process. If you have not received any tracking code, please contact the selected postal service first. If that does not work or give you a solution to your problem please contact us via 
  2. Check the delivery address or the depot at which the item might be dropped.
  3. Contact the postal service when the delivery is missed and/or a new delivery appointment must be made.