Code of Conduct

ROGIER - Code of Conduct

Our ethical principles are essential mechanisms at the heart of our organization. Commitment to principles of trust, respect, and morality is essential for ensuring sustainability and continuity of business. Ethics transcends cultures, geography, and boundaries. Ethics is one of the strongest human forces that connect us and inspire us. 

Following our Code of Conduct also means minimizing our environmental impact to create a sustainable future and a robust organization. Our materials only stem from responsible sources and always follow European regulations. Transportation is minimized and optimized to reduce environmental impact. By taking sustainability at heart, our organization grows organically and without harm to our surroundings. 

Since the founding of our organization, the Code of Conduct aims to guide and motivate daily actions. Our code of conduct applies to and embodies everyone involved in our value creation process. We hold ourselves and our partners to high standards and only expect the best of ourselves. 

Within our organization and value creation network, we practice a zero-tolerance policy towards each form of fraud and violation of laws and (internal) regulations. We work to prevent breaches of the Code and take corrective measures whenever necessary. We trust you get familiar with and apply our Code of Conduct in your daily activities and when browsing our website.


Latest version: September 2020