Behind the collections

"Fashion reflects our social relationships, attitudes and experiences. What you wear relates to the people you meet, what preferences you have and what you desire in life. Essentially, fashion is a dream that mirrors the way you live and want to live.

In my designs, I explore the boundaries of this dream by redefining fashion, luxury and art. By including classical, contemporary and futuristic elements in my work, I aim push to creative limits.

Elegance is crucial to my designs as it forms the bridge between all elements. From a couture-sewn red carpet dress to futuristic techwear. Every piece is inspired to by the timeless dream of how we live and can live."  



Sustainable Fashion

Sustainability is a central theme throughout ROGIER’s entire process of creation. Each design is required to be sustainable and balanced. By doing so, ROGIER takes the necessary responsibility for our impact on the world. We hold ourselves and our partners to the highest standards following our Code of Conduct.