What is Armscye?

Armscye, also known as the armhole, refers to the opening or curve in a garment where the sleeve is attached. It is the area that encompasses the shoulder and underarm region. The shape and construction of the armscye can significantly impact the fit, comfort, and range of motion of a garment. Properly fitting armscye is crucial for ensuring ease of movement, preventing restrictions or discomfort, and allowing the sleeve to be attached seamlessly. Armscye design can vary depending on the garment style, sleeve type, and desired aesthetic. Common armscye styles include standard armscye, dropped armscye, raglan armscye, and kimono armscye. Each style has its own characteristics and considerations in terms of fit, shaping, and patternmaking techniques. Achieving a well-fitting armscye is essential in garment construction to enhance overall comfort and functionality.