How To Tie A Bow Tie

A bow tie is a classic piece and mainly associated with formal events. However, the bow tie can also be worn casually to create a playful look. Discover the elegant bow ties from Rogier for an eye-catching look.




Tying A Bow Tie Step By Step

The bow tie step-by-step guide below provides more detail about how to perform each step correctly.



Step 1

Start tying with right side of the fabric facing up. Make sure the right end is shorter than the left end. The left side is referred to as A and the right side is referred to as B.


Step 2

Move the left end over the right end.


Step 3

Move the left end under the right end and into the neck loop.


Step 4

At the center front, move the right end to the right side and then towards the left side to create a bow shape.


Step 5

Move the left end over the middle of the bow shape.


Step 6

Move the left end downwards. Fold and pinch.


Step 7

Move the pinched left end through and behind the loop.


Step 8

Tighten the bow by pulling the folded areas.


Step 9

Adjust and balance both sides of the bow for a perfect look.


Learn More Tie Knots

There are many ways to tie a tie. Try one of these other knots to create new looks and try new styles.

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