How To Fold A Winged Peak Pocket Square Fold

The winged peak pocket square fold is a symmetrical, stylish fold. The middle gap provides beautiful curves and adds volume. 



Folding The Winged Peak Pocket Square Fold – Step-By-Step Guide

The description below provides the necessary details to perform each step correctly.


Step 1

Start by placing the pocket square face down and in a diamond shape.


Step 2

Fold the top corner towards the bottom corner.


Step 3

Fold the right corner down to the bottom corner.


Step 4

 Fold the left corner down to the bottom corner. Leave a small gap.


Step 5

Fold the right edge slightly across the center. 


Step 6

Fold the right edge slightly across the center. 


Step 7

Fold the bottom upwards and behind the front. Adjust if necessary.


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