How To Fold A Triple Peak Pocket Square Fold

The triple peak pocket square fold is a more expressive way to fold a pocket square. It has a symmetrical and strong look.



Folding The Triple Peak Pocket Square Fold Step By Step

Follow along with the guide below for a perfect triple peak pocket square fold.


Step 1

Place the pocket square face down and in a diamond shape.


Step 2

Fold the bottom corner towards the top corner.


Step 3

Fold right corner towards the left, this creates the first peak. Make sure to cross the center. This movement determines the width of the fold.


Step 4

Fold the left corner past the top right edge. This forms the third peak. Match this peak with the second peak.



Step 5

Fold the right corner towards the center. 


Step 6

Fold the left corner towards the center. 


Step 7

Fold the bottom up and behind the front. Adjust the fold if necessary for a perfect fit.


Learn More Pocket Square Folds

Pocket squares can be folded in many different ways. Try the pocket square folds below.

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