How To Fold A Presidential Pocket Square Fold

The presidential pocket square fold is a minimalistic but elegant fold. This fold has a sharp and rectangular shape. Crisper fabrics are more suitable for this fold compared to drapier fabrics.





Folding The Presidential Pocket Square Fold Step By Step

The presidential pocket square fold step-by-step guide below provides more detail about how to perform each step correctly.


Step 1

Place the pocket square face down.


Step 2

Fold the right half over to the left half.


Step 3

Fold the right side to the left side but leave a small gap at the end of the right side.


Step 4

Fold the top half towards the bottom half.


Step 5

Fold the bottom corner behind the front and adjust to fit.


Learn More Pocket Square Folds

Pocket squares can be folded in many different ways. Try the pocket square folds below.

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Double Peak Pocket Square Fold

Triple Peak Pocket Square Fold

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