How To Take Care Of Hats

Hats are delicate pieces to require gentle handling to retain their qualities. Rogier's hats come with instructions for you to follow to optimally enjoy your piece. 


Handle a hat by the brim

Avoid grabbing or pinching the crown when handling your hat as this will wear down felt and cause straw to crack.


Don’t rest a hat on a turned down brim

Resting a hat on a turned down brim will deform the brim and flatten it. If the hat has a snapped up brim, you can rest the hat on the brim without having to worry about deformation.


Avoid exposure to heat, water and sharp objects

All these factors will deform the hat and cause lasting, irreparable damage.


Store a hat in such a way that the hat retains its shape

Avoid putting too much pressure on one point of the hat (e.g. by using a pointy hook to rest a hat) as this might cause holes or other types of damage.


Store a hat in a cool and dry place

If you don’t wear a hat for a longer period of time it is recommended that the hat is stored in a hat box (preferably with shape retainer).


Regularly dust a hat

Use a soft and gentle bristled hat brush to keep the hat in optimal condition. Only use a gentle pressure.


Wet felted hats

Return the hat to its original shape. Do not apply heat to a wet hat because heat may lead to shrinkage of the sweatband or shell material and causes an irregular structure once the felt is dry.


Wet straw hats

Try to prevent a straw hat from getting wet. Wetness will cause the straw to swell, lose its color and lose its shape. When a straw hat does get wet, avoid and reshaping by applying excessive force to it. Do not heat straw hats.

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